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Am I pig to mention she was downright cute! Spark in her eyes, strength in her sole and body. She sounded like any intelligent woman of 20 yrs. old. Bless her. She is now at a glacier monastery 50 miles on the Chinese side. In Tibet, a pilgrimage to a sacred site, or a circumambulation around one, is undertaken by Buddhists because they believe that such acts have great merit and generate good karma, not only for the pilgrim, but for all sentient beings. The journey may take fifteen minutes, if it is a circumambulation around a local shrine such as a stupa. Or it may take years, if it is an overland journey to Lhasa's Jokhang Temple, the most sacred shrine in Tibet. The difficulty of the journey--and thus the amount of merit generated by it--varies according to the means of transportation: air, bus, bicycle, horseback, or foot. The most difficult--and most meritorious--way to travel is by means of prostrations. In each prostration, the traveler stretches at full length upon the road, touching the furthest place they can reach with their fingertips, chanting a mantra as they do so. Then they stand up and walk to that place, and begin another prostration. The result is that the traveler's body touches every millimeter of the sacred road along the sacred journey.