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Antique Tibet horse saddle rug. Where to start, this has fantastic details. It is quite old, likely late 19th C.or earlier judging by outer oval shape. The intricatcies include long life symbols at each end, bats, swastikas, buddhist auspicious signs, and finely crafted flowers that seem to flow so smoothly. Insde is a deep walnut brown, and an unusual double inner pattern of floral wrapping a small archaic Mandala. Inside the mandala is a small tigma. This is the best crafted rug I have ever seen, and to consider the age! This is probably a masterpiece of a master. expensive level

The Bat is the emblem of good fortune. When something is depicted upside-down it means it has arrived, so the common depiction of an upside-down bat symbolizes good fortune has arrived. The Mandala symbolizes the entire universe in terms of planets and time cycles, as well as aspects of our body and mind, and even the practice. Deities and other images within the mandala represent for example the sense organs, the elements and mental aspects, all in a purified state.
The Lotus is a very important symbol in Buddhism. It refers to the complete purification of body, speech and mind, and the blossoming of wholesome deeds in liberation.
Peonies are the flowers of masculinity, good fortune and an emblem of love. Represent Spring
Chyranthenmums are symbols of an easy life. Represent Fall